NanoProof Screening Service

$ 2,000.00

Aculon will clean and treat boards you send us with NanoProof for your evaluation and qualification testing. Up to 20 boards sprayed with a combination of NanoProof 1.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 5.0.

  • Full Board Sprayed - Does not Include Masking or Selective Deposition
  • Single or Double Pass NanoProof Spray
  • Max 5 Boards Per NanoProof product
  • Parts sent to Aculon - One Shipment Required
  • Provide Shipping Account for return shipment
  • 10 Day Turnaround
  • Max Size of PCB (6" x 8")

Important: For this service, please check out in the shopping cart and send your boards to 11839 Sorrento Valley Rd. San Diego, CA 92121.