Multisurface Oleophobic Treatment

$ 1,000.00

Aculon, an award-winning & proven supplier to numerous industries, introduces Aculon Multi-Surface Oleophobic Treatment, the best-in-class repellency technology. Aculon’s multi surface oleophobic technology is designed to make many surfaces substrate hydrophobic, oleophobic, and repellent to nearly any liquid. Aculon’s multi-surface oleophobic treatment is easy to apply, optically clear and ultra thin. It can even be applied via several application methods. Features include:

  • Hydrophobicity
  • Oleophobicity
  • Uniform Thickness
  • Repel Most Liquids
  • Optically Clear (100% transmission)
  • Apply via Dip, Wipe, or Spray
  • No Capital Equipment
  • Apply in Minutes
  • Easily reapplied in field if damaged

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