Multisurface Hydrophobic Treatment

$ 1,000.00

Aculon, an award-winning & proven supplier to numerous industries, introduces Aculon Multi-Surface Hydrophobic Treatment, the best-in-class repellency technology. Aculon’s multi-surface hydrophobic technology is designed to make most surfaces hydrophobic, and repellent to water and other water based fluids. It is easy to apply, optically clear and ultra thin. It can even be applied via several application methods.

Features include:

    • Hydrophobicity
    • Uniform Thickness
    • Repel Most Aqueous Liquids
    • Optically Clear (100% transmission)
    • Apply via Dip, Wipe, or Spray
    • No Capital Equipment
    • Apply in Minutes
    • Easily reapplied in field if damaged

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